Improve Your Ad Targeting with Interest Layers

By: Cameron Clarkson

When most people get started creating targeted audiences based on interests, they target one or a list of interests.

For example: a bar for Chicago Bears fans in downtown San Francisco wants to target local Bears fans. 

In the detailed targeting of their audience, they select ‘Chicago Bears’, ‘NFL’ and ‘American football’.

A clever bar owner might even throw in ‘Walter Payton’ or ‘Brian Urlacher’ or ‘Devin Hester’.

It looks something like this:

The problem with that is, they are wasting a lot of money!

By targeting people who like the Chicago Bears, The NFL, OR American football, the bar is really targeting people who might be casual NFL fans or college football fans or–most likely in San Francisco–49ers fans.

Instead, the bar owner should combine interests in “layers” to laser focus the targeting on people who are interested in the Chicago Bears AND the NFL OR American Football.

That looks like this: 

By getting creative with your targeting with audience layers, you can get laser-focused with who you are reaching!

Make sure you are getting the most return on your investment of time and money by targeting your ideal customers!

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